B♭ / A
French System
B♭ / A
The virtuosity and singing quality of Romanza model leaves this instrument in a category all by itself. The easy of response invites creativity from the gentlest pianissimo to the most powerful forte, as well as from brilliant colors to deep warm shades, the Romanza is a perfect vehicle to express one’s inner poetry.
18 keys, 6 rings, well chosen seasoned Grenadilla wood¹, ergonomically optimized design, undercut tone holes, Eb lever, "Romanza" bore, 4 barrels, adjustable ergonomic thumbrest, massive carbon rings, LP Gore® pads, silver plated keywork², inlaid Sterlingsilver signet, FAU Genuine leather De Luxe Case, FAU Genuine leather Case Cover, FAU leather accessories bag
Item number:
426050 (Bb)
426070 (A)

¹ Optional available in Mopane wood

² Optional available with 24K and Rosé plated keywork

Mouthpiece and ligature as on picture are not included.