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French System
B♭ / A
The Zenit, with its beautiful, lush and resonant tone, combines depth of sound and power with a sweetness and flexibility that is simply mesmerizing. Its sophisticated intonation, facile key work and aesthetic beauty, are simply attributes that make Zenit the pinnacle of artistic expression.
18 keys, 6 rings, well chosen Mopane wood, ergonomically optimized design, undercut tone holes, Eb lever, "Zenit" bore, 4 barrels, FAU original bell modification, adjustable ergonomic thumbrest, Special cast metal ring with floral ornamentation, LP Gore® pads, 24K gold plated keywork, inlaid Sterlingsilver signet, FAU Genuine leather De Luxe Case, FAU Genuine leather Case Cover, FAU leather accessories bag
Item number:
426112 (Bb)
426132 (A)