Chaiphat Tripipitsiriwat


Project Manager of the Thailand clarinet Academy.



Chaiphat Tripipitsiriwat is the person who created a new clarinet phenomenon “Thailand Clarinet Academy”, the first clarinet training session and a new clarinet community for clarinetists all over the world. He extended the opportunity for those who join the program by inviting both famous regional and international clarinetists to conduct workshops, masterclass, and on-stage performance. Professional ideas and techniques were closely shared to students for six full days, forming a cross-national relationship among clarinetists in Thailand, France, Belgium, Peru, China, and USA. Since the first program was successful, he was driven to carry out the program in every following years. Currently, he is a member of Musica Per Tutti Symphony Orchestra, Tacet(i) Contemporary Ensemble, a project manager of Thailand Clarinet Academy, clarinet instructor at Robinson school of music. Also, he was supported by Cecilia music shop to visit schools and universities all over Thailand to educate and inspire young clarinet players. Back in school, he graduated Bachelor’s degree with second class honor in Music performance with Ms. Cassandra Fox Percival and Mr. Grzegorze Grzeszcyk at College of Music, Mahidol University. He further decided to pursue Master’s degree in Conservatoire Royal De Liege, Belgium and received scholarship by 1) Fund for Classical Music Promotion under the Patronage of HRH Princess Galyani and 2) Conseil Social Reglement d’Octroi. Since then, he had been closely supervised by Mr. Eddy Vanoosthuyse, Principle of Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, he was invited to perform in Thailand and international music festivals, such as Japan, Belgium,France, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, Poland and Vietnam. Various prizes and awards round off his musical work.