F. Arthur Uebel

B♭ clarinet Preference

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⦁ 18 keys
⦁ 6 rings
⦁ ergonomically optimized design
⦁ Carefully selected, naturally dried, seasoned Grenadilla wood
⦁ silver-plated mechanism
⦁ undercut tone holes
⦁ “Preference” bore
⦁ E♭ lever
⦁ 2 barrels
⦁ inlaid sterling silver signet
⦁ adjustable, ergonomic thumbrest
⦁ LP Gore® pads


The beauty of tone, matched by its impressive evenness, is just one of the attributes of the Preference. It navigates musical genres with ease, and can produce a gentle whisper or a splendid reverberation with equal comfort and security.

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Vandoren mouthpiece
Vandoren reed
Rovner ligature
Super de Luxe case

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Grenadilla, rose gold (Art.-No.: 425962)