F. Arthur Uebel

Bass Clarinet Emperior

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⦁ tunable neck
⦁ to low C
⦁ E♭ / A♭ lever
⦁ G resonance key
⦁ Well-chosen, best quality, naturally dried, seasoned Grenadilla wood
⦁ adjustable thumbrest with ring for strap
⦁ neck, bell and keywork silver-plated
⦁ inlaid sterling silver signet


The Emperior bass clarinet has a tone that is broad and generous. Its great flexibility provides with ease a resonant tone with graceful gentleness or majestic power. The elegant and refined key work has the cultivated beauty for which Uebel clarinets are recognized.


ESM mouthpiece
Vandoren reed
Rovner ligature
Bass Clarinet Softcase