F. Arthur Uebel

B♭/A clarinet Superior

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⦁ 18 keys
⦁ 6 rings
⦁ ergonomically optimized design
⦁ undercut tone holes
⦁ E♭ lever
⦁ “Superior” bore
⦁ 2 barrels
⦁ F. Arthur Uebel original bell modification
⦁ adjustable, ergonomic thumbrest
⦁ LP Gore® pads
⦁ inlaid sterling silver signet


The special bore of the Superior blends the brilliance of the Boehm sound with the warmth and depth of the German tone. The original, F. Arthur Uebel bell modifications ensures optimal sound, intonation and projection on the low “E” and through the entire range. The outstanding presence and projection in all registers earns this instrument’s name.

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Vandoren mouthpiece
Vandoren reed
Vandoren “Klassik” ligature
F. Arthur Uebel genuine leather De Luxe case
F. Arthur Uebel genuine leather case cover
F. Arthur Uebel leather accessories bag