F. Arthur Uebel

Clarinete bajo Modelo 740

Número de artículo 425820 Sistema

⦁ 4 thumb keys down to low c

⦁ throat b-flat mechanism

⦁ well-chosen grenadilla wood

⦁ with two automatically switching register keys

⦁ 4 trills on the upper joint

⦁ forked b-flat and forked f mechanism

⦁ double f/c-key ⦁ f lever

⦁ b/c-sharp trill

⦁ ergonomically adjustable thumb rest

⦁ neck (tunable)

⦁ keys, bell and neck silver plated

⦁ sterling silver signet


Our F. Arthur Uebel bass clarinet model 740 is designed for professional use. It stands for highest craftsmanship, uncompromising quality, aesthetics and expressiveness. Its reliable mechanism and its elegant, dark German sound offer the clarinettist unlimited possibilities of expression and rich, warm nuances.


Gleichweit mouthpiece

Pilgerstorfer reed

Rovner ligature

Bass clarinet Softcase