F. Arthur Uebel

Clarinete en Sol Modelo 421

Número de artículo 13356 Sistema

⦁ 17 keys
⦁ 4 rings
⦁ 3 trills
⦁ well-chosen, untreated grenadilla wood
⦁ ergonomically optimised keys
⦁ undercut tone holes
⦁ e-flat lever
⦁ 2 barrels
⦁ ergonomically adjustable thumb rest
⦁ leather pads
⦁ silver-plated keys
⦁ inlaid sterling silver signet


Our F. Arthur Uebel G-Clarinet 421, is an extraordinarily versatile instrument, the use of which can extend far beyond traditional folklore: the warm, tenor-like sound of the G-Clarinet has a very vocal and mellow effect. In combination with a highly precise mechanism, our G-clarinet guarantees a maximum of playing pleasure and agility even in virtuoso passages.

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