F. Arthur Uebel

Clarinetto modello 621 kH in Si♭

Numero articolo 425115 Diteggiatura

⦁ 21 keys
⦁ narrower rings on upper joint
⦁ adapted b-flat key on upper joint
⦁ optimised g-sharp key
⦁ 4 trill keys on upper joint extended
⦁ b/c-sharp levers and f lever extended and ergonomically designed
⦁ narrower tone holes on lower joint
⦁ sterling silver signet
⦁ optimised f-key on lower joint
⦁ adapted forked f/b-flat-mechanism
⦁ 2 barrels
⦁ Rovner ligature
⦁ adapted tone hole distances for ring finger and little finger of right and left hand


The manufacturing criteria for all F. Arthur Uebel clarinets is the same. We do not differentiate between student or professional models. We are proud to produce all our instruments using the same high-quality materials, techniques and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. At F. Arthur Uebel, innovation and tradition form a melodious, passionate combination. Not only beginners in teaching institutions all over the world, but also you, the teacher, will be absolutely enthusiastic about our basic models.

The F. Arthur Uebel B♭-621KH variant, for musicians with smaller hands, is especially popular among younger players, because the tone hole distances of the right hand in particular, have been considerably reduced and the little fingers can slide easily over the rolling keys. Traditionally, this clarinet has also proved to be an ideal “transitional instrument” between C and B-flat clarinets with a fully equipped mechanism. The adjustable thumb rest with ring holder for a neck strap, also allows the player’s right hand to be positioned in a relaxed manner.


ESM mouthpiece
Vandoren reed
Rovner ligature