F. Arthur Uebel

Clarinetto modello 721 in Mi♭

Numero articolo 425320 Diteggiatura

⦁ 21 keys
⦁ 6 rings
⦁ well-chosen grenadilla wood
⦁ 4 trills on the upper joint
⦁ forked f/b-flat mechanism
⦁ b/c-sharp trill
⦁ f lever
⦁ silver-plated keys
⦁ adjustable thumb rest
⦁ sterling silver signet
⦁ 2 barrels


Our E♭ clarinet model 721, is a first-class instrument! Similar to our French system E♭ clarinets, the body is made out of only one piece of grenadilla wood. In combination with our reliable, ergonomically optimized mechanism and the revised tone hole positions, we have created an instrument that sets completely new standards in terms of intonation, sound and evenness of response.


Gleichweit mouthpiece
Vandoren reed
GF ligature
Deluxe case