Clarinet Factory


Jindřich Pavliš, Luděk Boura, Vojtěch Nýdl e Petr Valášek formano il quartetto di clarinetti "Clarinet Factory" in Repubblica Ceca



A quartet of excellent clarinet players from the borders of contemporary and classical music, jazz, world music, electronic music and multi-genre projects. Classically educated they master their instruments to present their own creations. The music understandable to various audiences. That is why they were successfully showcased both at WOMEX 2015 and Classical: NEXT 2019.“They are absolutely original, unique and great,” – Gerald Seligman, the respected American journalist and producer“Music without borders that will jinx you like a voodoo priestess and whose hypnotic filter will not let go.” – Jean-Claude Vantroyen (BE), Soir, (05/2017)“My favourite Czech group (at Colours of Ostrava 2015) was Clarinet Factory, four guys all playing clarinets, including an impressive bass clarinet. That’s hardly a conventional ensemble and their music is equally genre-defying. They supported the ultra hip Hidden Orchestra (who are fans) in London last November.” – Simon Broughton (UK), Songlines, (03/2016)Clarinet Factory have also composed film music as well as compositions for theatre and ballet performances (latest cooperation with VerTeDance – CORRECTION won the most prestigious Czech award in the field of contemporary dance: Dance Piece of the Year award – 2014; + Herald Angel Award 2015 /Audience Award at BE FESTIVAL 2015 / Mess Festival Award 2015 / Total Theatre Award 2015 nomination).